At the heart of the improvement of any business’ performance is the development of its employees’ skills. This is what allows a company to build its capacity to compete – and to win new business.

  • “The advice we’ve been given from BE Group has been invaluable and has certainly proved instrumental in getting us to where we are today.”
    Rob Mathieson and Tony Olanipekun
    AYO Media

  • “When we started the practice, the face-to-face advice and guidance from BEGroup was invaluable. Since then we have regularly used its services for ongoing growth advice, funding, supplier sourcing and networking.”
    Paula Cullen and Gillian Hammond
    Cullen Hammond Solicitors

  • “As the company has grown, I have called on BE Group’s support and each and every time I’ve been impressed with their speedy response and their dedication to provide exactly the right support for me.”
    John Paul
    Managing Director, Castledene Property Group

  • “With the BE Group’s advice, we have developed a number of staff training programmes to ensure we have the skills and resources needed to expand and address changes within our marketplace.”
    Ron Elliott
    Managing Director, NTE Ltd

  • “We have benefitted from BE Group’s export professionals, which has improved our success rate in foreign markets and helped us secure new contracts.”
    Ron Elliott
    Managing Director, NTE Ltd


Skills needs encompass everything from specific skills that simply require an effective training course, to far broader issues that demand a multi-disciplinary approach. We are able to provide the full service – assessment of needs, design of programme and delivery of all training – to organisations of any size. Equally, we provide expertly-led one-off seminars on a huge range of subjects.

Our unique online training support systems mean that employees can study how and when they want, as well as receiving expert back-up along the way.

  • Training needs analysis – the crucial step to ensure training is targeted, relevant and has maximum impact on employees and the organisation
  • Capacity building – many of our clients wish to see more businesses in their area that have the ability to compete for, and win, significant new business; we can make that happen
  • Better People Better Business exhibitions – the best trainers and business advisers give advice and ideas on how to realise the potential of each company’s staff and business.
  • One to one mentoring – we have genuinely industry-leading mentors who can make an enormous difference to key individuals and their companies
  • Skills seminars – with subjects as diverse as leadership, finance, project management, proposal writing, Olympic procurement and dozens more, we can deliver exactly what SMEs need for an immediate skills boost.

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